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Jane Doe

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07:49 pm: Quiz and Survey time
I will be crushed by a giant duck!

How will you die? Take the Exotic Cause of Death Test

LOL thats hilarious

If you were a nun, what would your religious name be?:umm I have no clue
What is the most hippy-like name you can think of?:Jinna yeah I made that one up myself
What is the best age to be?:19 you can drink legally and buy alcohol
Would you (or have you) join a sorority or fraternity? Why or why not?:Id never join one cause theyre dumb
What breed of dog would you get?:pitbulls
What's your favourite casino game?:blackjack
Would you rather be an identical or fraternal twin?:identical
Would you rather your first child be a boy or girl? Why?:err a girl cause girls kick ass
Are you more New York or LA?:LA
What milk do you drink - homo (whole), 2%, 1% or skim?:2%
What is your favourite Flintstones vitamin character and flavour?:Bam Bam hes so cool
Do you eat ham or turkey at Easter (or something else)?:turkey
Which serial killer interests you the most?:hmm I guess the unabomber or Jack the Ripper
If you were in the circus, what would you do?:I would juggle and do crazy tricks

Ariesrising: The Random as Hell Survey brought to you by BZOINK!

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